Source: (1995) Resolution 1995/9. 24 July. United Nations Economic and Social Council. Downloaded 9 December 2005.

(ii) Prevention of recidivism: a. By facilitating the adaptation of methods of police intervention (rapid response, intervention within the local community etc.); b. By facilitating the adaptation of methods of judicial intervention and implementation of alternative remedies: i. Diversification of methods of treatment and of measures taken according to the nature and seriousness of the cases (diversionary schemes, mediation, a special system for minors etc.); ii. Systematic research on the reintegration of offenders involved in urban crime through the implementation of non-custodial measures; iii. Socio-educational support within the framework of the sentence, in prison and as preparation for release from prison; c. By giving an active role to the community in the rehabilitation of offenders; (iii) After the sentence has been served: aid and socio-educational support, family support etc.; (iv) Protection of victims by practical improvements in their treatment by means of the following: a. Raising awareness of rights and how to exercise them effectively; b. Reinforcing rights (in particular the right to compensation); c. Introducing systems of victim assistance. (Excerpt)

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