Source: (2012) In: T. Gavrielides (ed) Rights and restoration within youth justice. de Sitter Publications, Whitby, Ontario, 2012. Available at SSRN:

This chapter explores whether restorative justice practices, implemented in hate crime cases involving young participants, are capable of repairing the harms caused by prejudice and hatred. Using qualitative research, including observations of restorative justice meetings and semi-structured interviews with young victims and restorative practitioners, the chapter explores how restorative justice processes promote the values of dignity and respect. In so doing, it is argued that restorative practices can assist in young victims’ recovery from targeted abuse. The chapter then further evaluates whether the restorative process is capable of inducing an empathetic response from hate offenders, potentially promoting mutual respect amongst the parties and breaking down stereotypes to reveal the humanity of each stakeholder. (author's abstract)