Source: (2004) In, Howard Zehr and Barb Toews, eds., Critical Issues in Restorative Justice. Monsey, New York and Cullompton, Devon, UK: Criminal Justice Press and Willan Publishing. Pp. 107-117.

From two quite different life experiences, Barb Toews and Jackie Katounas collaborate in this chapter on the question of the adequacy of restorative justice to address offender needs and perspectives. Barb Toews has long worked as a mediator between victims and offenders in the juvenile sphere; more recently she has begun restorative justice work in prison in Pennsylvania. Jackie Katounas had long been involved in criminal activity, yet in recent years she has turned from that and begun to seek a more constructive life, including in at least one instance making amends for an act of wrongdoing. From her experience, she gained first-hand knowledge that restorative justice can work, and she is now a restorative justice project manager for Prison Fellowship New Zealand. With all of this in mind, they sketch ways in which restorative justice can better incorporate offender needs and perspectives into its aims and processes.