• Commit to and proactively pursue a districtwide reduction in suspensions and expulsions by 40 percent in the coming school year.
  • Overcome current barriers to the implementation of restorative justice by developing a sustainable, districtwide plan for rolling out these practices in schools.
  • Fully fund and support implementation by creating full-time restorative justice coordinator positions in each school and offering ongoing training and technical assistance.
  • Reprioritize spending on school safety by diverting costly investments in policing and zero-tolerance strategies to the implementation of restorative justice. We estimate that such a full-scale investment in restorative justice would cost around $44 million, much less than the $67 million budget of the CPS Office of School Safety and Security.
  • Create monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track the reduction in punitive discipline methods and the success of restorative justice implementation, and make that information available in an ongoing, public manner.

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