Source: (2007) In Jon Miller and Rahul Kumar, ed., Reparations: Interdisciplinary Inquiries, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, Pp. 215-251.

"...I attend in this chapter first to injustices that started in the somewhat distant past, mostly in the early modern era, but are still continuing. Many examples of such continuing injustices exist. The plight of the blacks or the Indians in America and the suffering and marginalization of the native inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand are all a result of colonization. Arguably, the dalits in India have suffered injustice as a result of a long process of internal colonialism that persists to this day. Among continuing injustices, I deal more specifically with the injustices of modern European colonialism whose impact was felt by almost all non-Western peoples. Although my chapter has a larger theoretical concern, my focus is still narrower and I concentrate largely, though not wholly, on the Indian experience of colonialism." (excerpt)