Source: (2005) Canadian Journal of Law and Society. 20(1):193-208.

Responding to Youth Crime in Canada, by Anthony Doob and Carla Cesaroni1 is a readable and useful addition to the literature on this topic. It is an “in between” book – not designed for introductory students or for the specialist, but well suited to the professional who needs a competent, but not overly lengthy, review of key issues. For example, many new youth court judges come to the bench with little experience in youth matters. Although they have demonstrated their reliability and other admirable characteristics in a variety of ways, they face a steep learning curve. I have yet to meet a youth court judge who had taken a course in criminology or delinquency, but they learn fast on the job. Soon they will be invited by the local service club to speak on: “How do we respond to delinquency?” This book will help, just as it will help any professional taking on responsibilities which require an awareness of key issues in the youth justice system.(excerpt)