Source: (2009) Presentation at the "Becoming a Restorative County/Local Authority" conference. 15 July. Cardiff City Hall, Cardiff, Wales.

Restorative practices in Hull officially began in August 2007 with the creation of Hull Centre for Restorative Practices (HCRP). The centre comprises of Estelle Macdonald who is a Headteacher Consultant and leads the Centre, Mark Finnis is a Project Consultant and Lead trainer, Christopher Straker is a Headteacher Consultant and Jo Faulkner who is the Families Project Co-Ordinator. The challenge in Hull at the beginning was trying to find a group of like minded professionals across all services who believed in Restorative Practices and who could make key decisions. This is when a management group was set up to bring together these key decision makers on a regular basis. (excerpt)

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