Source: (2006) In Naomi Roht-Arriaza and Javier Mariezcurrena, Ed., Transitional Justice in the Twenty-First Century, Beyond Truth versus Justice. Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press. Pg. 143-170.

"This chapter will only briefly consider the history and nature of the human rights violations, leaving most of the historical information to Chapter 7. It will outline the national and international imperatives for transitional justice in Timore Leste, and the sequencing and establishment of the Special Panels for Serious Crimes and the Serious Crimes Unit to investigate and prosecute those violations. The next sections will consider the complementary and conflicting relationships of these institutions with both the CAVR and the Jakarta trials. Finally, the achievements of the Special Panels are evaluated in the light of the assumptions that are increasingly made about hybrid tribunals: that they can provide an international standard of justice at reduced cost and at a faster pace than the ad hoc international criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; that they have the potential for a legacy of a justice process that is relevant to the local community, especially the victims; and finally, that they can help rebuild a sustainable justice system based on the rule of law." (excerpt)