“I feel people are bullies because they have nothing better to do,” said Kenyonna Glass, an eleventh grader. Shanique Harvey, a senior, said kids act like bullies because they think it helps get them in with the popular crowd. Lavonte King, a freshman, said he had been both a bully and a victim. “When I get bullied, I usually go bully someone else, take my anger out on someone else,” he said.

Asked by moderator India McCanse, executive director of Literacy Services of Wisconsin, what advice they would have for parents who want to reduce the chance of their children being either bullies or victims, Shanique said, “I would have to tell a parent to get more involved.” She suggested parents take some days off work and spend the time with their children.

But Kenyonna said, “Depends on who the parents are.” For many children, the problems of their parents are a major source of their own problems, she said. At another point, she said that often, “The person who is doing the bullying is probably going through things at home.”

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