Source: (1999) In Restorative juvenile justice: Repairing the harm of youth crime, ed. Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave, 237-261. With an introduction by Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press.

Griffiths and Corrado explore trends and issues concerning restorative youth justice in Canada. They locate these trends and issues both in the larger political/legislative arena in Canada and in the community context in which restorative justice initiatives are being undertaken. These include trends and issues in youth violence, juvenile justice legislation, circle sentencing, community sentencing panels and youth justice committees, and aboriginal youth courts. The potential for restorative justice practices for young offenders is discussed, as well as the limitations. Critical issues for restorative strategies to be effective in juvenile justice are raised and addressed. These including defining principles of restorative justice and making them operational, the role of youth justice personnel, evaluative criteria, the government agenda versus the community agenda, and the dynamics of community justice.