Source: (2001) In Bringing restorative justice to adolescent substance abuse, ed. Kathryn G. Herr. Special issue of Youth & Society 33 (December), 296-313. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Maloney and Holcomb characterize community justice as emphasizing community responsibility for public safety, crime victims as the primary customers of the justice system, restorative processes to repair harm to victims and communities, and government accountability to all citizens. Though community justice is a relatively new development, its implementation has many variations. The authors picture how Deschutes County, Oregon, has applied particular community justice principles and perspectives to devise programs to build community, reduce risk, and repair harm. Their portrait begins with an explanation of community justice and its distinctiveness. This leads to a short history of community justice in Deschutes County, and summaries of specific county programs that embody community justice.