Source: (2006) Penal Reform International.

PRI focuses on developing ‘models’ from good practice identified on the African continent and around the world that serve to promote penal reform in ways which practically address many of the major problems facing criminal justice agencies. This document considers a range of ‘good practices’ developed in Africa and elsewhere in providing legal aid services in the criminal justice system. It is aimed at policy makers, penal reformers and stakeholders in the criminal justice system. It is part of PRI’s efforts to maintain the momentum for penal reform in Africa flowing from the Kampala Declaration on Prison Conditions in Africa (1996) and Ouagadougou Declaration on Accelerating Prison and Penal Reform in Africa (2002) and specifically seeks to further the recommendations contained in the Dakar Declaration on the Right to a Fair Trial and Legal Assistance in Africa (1999) and Lilongwe Declaration on Accessing Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System in Africa (2004). It is a work in progress and comments and contributions are welcome. (excerpt)

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