Source: (2006) In, Ross, Jeffrey Ian and Gould, Larry, editors, Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System, Paradigm Publisher, Boulder, London. Pp.179-186

The criminal justice system in Indian Country includes everything from criminal behavior that may lead to an individual’s entry into the criminal justice system; to police, prosecution and pretrial services; to the courts and corrections; and eventually to the exit of individuals from the system. Although there has been limited interest in the relationship between Indian gaming and the American Indian criminal justice system in general, one exception is a growing amount of research that has sought to explore possible relationships between Indian gaming and casinos and criminal behavior, both on Indian reservations and in adjacent non-Indian communities. In this chapter, I review the available literature on the relationship between Indian gaming and the criminal justice system, offer insight into what American Indians themselves think about possible linkages between casinos and crime within their communities, and conclude with a consideration of the mixed positive and negative impacts of Indian gaming and their connection to criminal justice in Indian Country. (excerpt)