Source: (2002) 2002/C 242/09. Official Journal of the European Communities. C242/20. 8 October. Downloaded 29 April 2005.

A European network of national contact points for restorative justice (hereinafter referred to as ‘the network’), is hereby set up. Network national representatives shall ensure the proper functioning of the network in accordance with this Decision. For the purpose of this Decision, restorative justice refers to a comprehensive view of the criminal justice process, in which the needs of the victim are prioritised and offender accountability is emphasised in a positive manner and covers a body of ideas that is relevant to various forms of sanctioning and conflict handling in the successive stages of or in connection withth e criminal justice process. The network shall contribute to developing, supporting and promoting the various aspects of restorative justice within the Member States as well as at the European Union level. For this objective, legislative and logistic support to criminal justice authorities is an important instrument. (excerpt)

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