Source: (2012) Elder Law Journal. 19:415-448.

Traditionally, elders have held an important position filled with prestige and authority in Native American culture. However, elder abuse is still a problem in this community. To combat this issue, a number of different tactics have been employed. The success of various programs, however, has been highly contingent upon their cultural sensitivity. Additionally, the attempts on various levels--tribal, state, and federal--have created another level of confusion and have slowed progress. Mr. Seigler offers a three-prong resolution to combat these issues. First, implementation of tribe-specific alternative dispute resolution mechanisms should be increased and the tribal elder abuse codes should be reformed. Second, jurisdictional issues between different levels of government should be resolved and the independence of tribal court systems in dealing with these issues should be increased. Finally, Mr. Seigler suggests increasing federal monetary appropriations under the Older Americans Act to attack the causes of elder abuse and create programs to raise awareness and promote prevention. (author's abstract)