Source: (1998) Topeka, Kansas: Koch Crime Institute.

The Koch Crime Institute (KCI) is a nonprofit organization that examines crime and juvenile justice issues. Primarily through reports, KCI provides information, analysis, research, and evaluation to assist communities in preventing, reducing, and fighting crime in effective and economical ways. Many law enforcement professionals and policymakers have expressed concerns about the appropriateness and effectiveness of standard sentencing, corrections, and diversion practices in responding to adult and juvenile offenders. This in-depth report surveys various initiatives in the criminal and juvenile justice systems to determine whether there are effective, innovative practices for dealing with offenders. There are several major sections to the report. After an executive summary and introduction to the adult criminal justice and juvenile justice systems, the next two sections detail the research procedures and methodology. The major section of the report follows. It provides summaries of eight innovative practices relating to sentencing, corrections, and diversion: literature programs; close custody; healing and sentencing circles; moral reconation therapy; multisystemic therapy; “Operation Night Lightâ€? (a Boston partnership between police and probation services); predispositional supervision; and Woodbury Family Group Conferencing. Additional sections include a listing of all practices reviewed, definition of terms, a summary of the analysis, references, and the survey and interview instruments.

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