Source: (1976) Syracuse, NY: Prison Research Education Action Project, 207p.

This handbook is written for those who feel it is time to say "no" to prisons as a long range goal, and to provide practical steps toward achieving the goal of prison abolition. This booklet includes materials by Fay Honey Knopp, Barbara Boward, Mary Jo Brach, Scott Christianson, Mary Ann Largen, Julie Lewin, Janet Lugo, Mark Morris and Wendy Newton. The 9 perspectives for prison abolitionists are presented. Chapters include consideration of abolitionism, demythologizing our views of prison, the attrition model for diminishing/dismantling the prison system, organizing a moratorium on prison/jail construction, plans to decarcerate and excarcerate, consideration of the "dangerous few" problem, envisioning a new response to crimes with victims, and community empowerment.