Source: (2004) In David R. Karp and Thom Allena, eds., Restorative Justice on the College Campus: promoting student growth and responsibility, and reawakening the spirit of campus community. Springfield, Ill. : C.C. Thomas. Pp. 136-141.

Plagiarism is a significant problem on college campuses. In this study, Jon Ramsey tells of a case of plagiarism by a particular student, whom he names “Sonia.â€? As he remarks, he has changed her name and some details of the case to preserve confidentiality about the misconduct and the people involved in adjudicating it through a college integrity board. This is important to do, he observes, yet it runs somewhat counter to the openness generally valued in restorative justice theory and processes. In describing the plagiarism and its handling by the integrity board, Ramsey explores traditional assumptions about lines of authority in a college, individual and community responsibilities, and the efficacy of excluding offenders from or reintegrating them into the learning community.