Source: (2013) Harvard Human Rights Journal.26:149-178.

Some three decades after the surge of democratic transitions that gave birth to the field, transitional justice is increasingly associated not just with narrow transitions to democracy, but with post-conflict peacebuilding more generally,' occasionally even in illiberal states with little pretension to democratic transition." While the shift to peacebuilding might suggest a broadening of transitional justice modalities, thus far the differences have been more superficial than substantive. In many instances, post-conflict transitional justice initiatives appear to have become yet another box to tick on the "post-conflict checklist." Along with initiatives to reform the security sector, strengthen the rule of law, and implement demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration programs, transitional justice is arguably on its way to becoming a core component of liberal international peacebuilding, another paradigm closely associated with transitions to liberal market democracy.' (excerpt)