Source: (2003) In, Audrey R. Chapman and Bernard Spong, eds, Religion and Reconciliation in South Africa. Voices of Religious Leaders. Philadelphia and London: Templeton Foundation Press. Pp. 17-265.

This section of this book – which constitutes the bulk of the book – consists of accounts of interviews with key people in a variety of religious communities in South Africa. The interviews sought their personal perspectives on the role of religion with respect to reconciliation in South Africa in the post-apartheid period. Bernard Spong, former Director of Communications of the South African Council of Churches, conducted the interviews over a twelve-month period beginning in August 1999. Each person received the same interview instrument, which is found at the beginning of this section. Those who responded to the interview instrument came from a number of religious communities, including the following: Protestants; Roman Catholics; African indigenous churches; Orthodox; Jewish; Muslim; and other religious traditions. Their responses are reproduced in this lengthy section of the book.