Source: (2004) Paper presented at the Third Conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, “Restorative Justice in Europe: Where are we heading?", Budapest, Hungary, 14-16 October. Downloaded 24 May 2005.

The title of the conference was Restorative Justice in Europe: Where are we heading? The reason to raise this question was to make people in the restorative justice field watch out now as restorative justice is increasingly to be found on the political agendas in many countries. We wanted to contribute to "preserving and developing the restorative justice spirit", and not let it be co-opted and submerged by the established criminal justice systems. On the other hand, both the keynote speakers and the participants at the conference seemed to agree that cooperation between the criminal justice system and the field of restorative justice (should it be a separate field??) is absolutely necessary to make restorative justice a viable and effective tool in the handling of conflicts and its consequences due to crime. (excerpt)

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