Source: (2005) Marquette Law Review. 89(2):247-250.

In this Introduction, I would like to note several key features of the Symposium. First, I would like to thank Professor Mark Umbreit and his colleagues for their new addition to the field, outlining the very latest in research on restorative justice. Professor Umbreit is the Boden Chair5 this year at Marquette University. His classes and public lectures have already resulted in numerous benefits to our students. Through this issue of the Marquette Law Review, we hope that his most recent work will reach even more people. We think that his lead article is well complemented by responses from a variety of perspectives. As was the case with our earlier symposium on negotiation, this Symposium recognizes the important contribution that different academic perspectives can bring to the field of law and, therefore, offers views on restorative justice from a mix of professors trained in law, sociology, and communications. (excerpt)