Source: (2008) In, John F. Wozniak, et. al, editors. Transformative Justice: Critical and Peacemaking Themes Influenced by Richard Quinney. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. pp. 1-30.

The upcoming discussion in this introductory chapter has three main parts. First, it will be illustrated how each chapter in this book of readings has drawn inspiration from the crime-related writings of Richard Quinney. Second, core assumptions of critical criminology and peacemaking criminology will be identified and linked to these chapters with particular regard to critical and peacemaking criminology. Third, the meaning and application of transformative justice as a concept and approach to the study of crime will be discussed in relation to these chapters as well. Hence, upon reading the next sections of this introductory chapter, it will be made clear how this book of readings has been designed to focus on transformative justice especially in keeping with crime-related writings of Richard Quinney. (excerpt)