Source: (1998) Foreword by Jane Miller-Ashton. Correctional Service of Canada.

In 1998 the Correctional Service of Canada published this edition of an inventory of events and initiatives in Canada related to restorative justice. The purpose of the inventory project was to provide readers with a sense of the restorative justice movement as it is developing in Canada. Hence, every project listed had at least some restorative element in it, though the inventory is not evaluative at all in nature. The inventory is organized by province or territory; additionally, there are sections for national activities and for international activities represented in Canada or of interest to Canadians. Where information was available, the listing of each event or initiative includes a short description (e.g., name of activity or program, target audience of the event or initiative); date of initiation and current status; contact information (e.g., address, phone and fax numbers, a contact person or organization); and partnerships with other organizations.