"We have asked for weekly reports from the courts. We started in August, and when we look at what is coming, we are having in the region of 3,000 cases per week not being heard in the courts," he explained.

However, Mr. Rainford noted that the thrust towards sending more cases for mediation to the Foundation, has been helping with the fair and timely resolution of some.

The Justice Ministry has also partnered with the DRF to train 50 Justices of the Peace and community leaders in Restorative Justice. The Ministry is now trying to recruit a national technical advisor for the programme.

"This person will help to drive the Restorative Justice programme in the Ministry of Justice, and we need somebody who has that interest. We have been facing challenges in identifying such a person. We have gone overseas and we are looking as wide as possible to see if we can find that candidate," Mr. Rainford told the AGM.

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