Source: (2000) Paper presented at the Fourth International Conference on Restorative Justice for Juveniles, October (Tübingen, Germany).

Howard Zehr in this paper explores what he calls the 'journey to belonging' for both victims of crime and offenders. He acknowledges that some may find it problematic and even offensive to address both 'journeys' at the same time, especially to the extent that it suggests there might be parallels or even intersections in the situations of and transitions for victims and offenders. Nevertheless, he believes both victims and offenders are on a journey, or a continuum, of life changes colored by crime and its aftermath. Underlying his topic and title ('Journey to Belonging') is the notion that alienation, belonging, and identity are central issues for victims and offenders in the wake of crime. Moreover, through the course of his paper, Zehr frames his exploration of these issues through the lenses of tragedy and trauma, experiences which encompass and yet go beyond what we normally refer to when we speak of crime and its effects.