Source: (2012) Transcript of the address given to delegates at the PFI Convocation, Toronto, Canada 1 July 2011. Published in Justice Reflections. Issue 31: JR214.

What a challenge and a privilege to be invited to enter into Jesus' ministry, to 'proclaim freedom fro the prisoners'. The freedom Jesus calls us to is the freedom from the ways of the world: fame, power, riches. It is the freedom from the ways of the world: scapegoating, violence, vengeance. It is the freedom to join him in building communities of the Spirit where servanthood is the true power, where we say 'no' to violence, revenge and exclusion and where we say 'yes' to blessing, reconciliation and inclusion and where we dare proclaim a freedom that is both for the oppressed and the oppressors. Such a gospel freedom truly passes understanding!