....Wall had been remanded in custody earlier this week after evidence was first heard in the case because Judge Ring said the “court has run out of rope and generosity”.

She noted then from his many previous convictions from the Children Court that Wall had been given both probation bonds and suspended sentences for his offending behaviour in the past.

“I presume your two-night stay in prison was not pleasant,” Judge Ring said before she warned Wall that she had the power to extend that stay.

Judge Ring restored Wall’s bail and adjourned sentencing to July after advising Garda David Morris that if there was any problem with Wall, “even intoxication in a public place” in the meantime, he was to be brought back before the court.

Judge Ring also asked that Wall be assessed to see if he was suitable for a restorative justice programme and told Wall that this may mean that he will meet Mr Yu “and we will see what he has to say to you”. She also ordered a probation report for that date.

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