Source: (2004) Originally presented in Kingston, 23 November 2001. Occasional Papers on Restorative Justice, Queen's Theological College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Chris Marshall is a New Testament scholar. On November 23, 2001, he presented this address on restorative justice at the Ron Wiebe Award Ceremony at an event in Kingston, Ontario, sponsored by the Queen's Theological College and the Correctional Service of Canada. In his address, Marshall began with a comparison of restorative justice efforts in New Zealand and Canada. This led to his exploration of three key issues: what is meant by "restorative justice"; what distinguishes restorative justice from retributive justice; and what makes restorative justice a viable alternative to retributive justice. Integral to this exploration is Marshall's application of Christian truth claims about God, Jesus, and the nature of created reality (including human existence) to the meaning and practice of restorative justice.