Source: (2002) Journal of Criminal Justice 30(2): 107-119.

The author begins the discussion with an overview of the development of the Newark, New Jersey juvenile court Juvenile Conference Committees (JCCs), juvenile court diversion for misdemeanor offenders. The author also discusses the initial research by David Twain conducted in the early 1980's regarding the JCC program and Twain’s findings of deficiencies within the program; most notably deficiencies in the area of aftercare follow through and recidivism prevention. The article reviews the programs and Twain’s findings specifically focusing on: 1) the response or lack thereof of the New Jersey officials to Twain’s research and findings; 2) the 1978 OJJDP report on the efficacy and limitations of JCC and other volunteer diversion programs; and 3) research on recidivism rates for JCC participants.