Source: (2002) In, Nicholas Bala, et. al., eds. Juvenile Justice Systems: An International Comparison of Problems and Solutions. Pp. 221-253.

The authors of this portrait of juvenile crime and justice in Australia begin by noting that there is a considerable amount of public comment and concern over crime in general and juvenile crime in particular. In the last two decades, there have been substantial legislative, policy, and procedural changes in dealing with young people who offend. Many of the changes have been driven by public opinion and political calls for tougher responses to juvenile offending. In this context, O’Connor, Daly, and Hinds identify trends in juvenile crime in Australia and discuss how the states of Queensland and South Australia address juvenile crime. After presenting a demographic profile of Australia as a whole, and surveying trends in offending behavior by juveniles, they examine the juvenile justice system in Australia, with particular focus on Queensland and South Australia.