Source: (2000) Corrections Today. 62(6):159-160.

Some of these issues are gaining prominence in the adult justice system as well. Legislatures responded to school violence with a variety of school safety laws that addressed weapons possession and information sharing between schools and other government agencies. Some laws revised both the access to and process of juvenile judicial proceedings. The classification of offenses and their sanctions continued to attract attention. States also established penalties for and required testing of youths who committed drug and alcohol offenses. States continued to refine and enact laws holding parents accountable for their childrenxe2x80x99s delinquent behavior and requiring them to pay fines or attend court or classes. Other laws addressed gang activity, gang recruitment, the establishment of criteria to prosecute juveniles as adults, juvenile corrections and detention, notification and other issues related to juvenile sex offenders, and greater efforts at juvenile delinquency prevention.