Source: (2002) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing, Inc.

Issues of youth crime and youth violence continue to be a political and public concern in many countries. Many different approaches are being proposed and applied to deal with youth crime and violence. Approaches range from “get toughâ€? punitive responses to more lenient and rehabilitative responses. This book is designed to inform debates about juvenile justice systems in industrialized countries. It is the final product of a number of research activities over several years, activities made possible with funding from the Donner Canadian Foundation. The book is primarily organized by chapters that each deal with juvenile crime and justice in a particular country. The chapters are each written by different authors. Countries covered in the book are the following: Canada; the United States; England and Wales; Scotland; Northern Ireland; Ireland; New Zealand; and Australia. In this way, the book presents detailed information on common themes, problems, strengths, and weaknesses of juvenile justice systems among those countries.