Source: (1999) Warszawa: Oficyna Naukowa.

In the mid 1990s the Committee for the Introduction of Mediation in Poland, with the approval of the Ministry of Justice, initiated an experimental mediation program in Poland, applying mediation to cases involving juvenile offenders and their victims. After two years of program operations, it was decided to compare the Polish experience with similar efforts in Europe. Additionally, it was thought desirable to familiarize a greater number of Polish judges with European solutions and practices with respect to mediation in juvenile justice. The Ministry of Justice and the Council of Europe, therefore, organized a seminar in October 1997 to bring together experts and practitioners from Europe and Poland to discuss mediation between juvenile offenders and their victims. This bilingual volume – the essays are presented in both Polish and English – makes available materials from the conference on restorative justice, the nature and purposes of mediation, models and principles of mediation, and mediation processes.