Source: (1999) Provincial Association Against Family Violence. Reprinted by VOMA. 10 October 2002.

The Provincial Association Against Family Violence (PAAFV) is the umbrella organization for shelters and transition houses in Newfoundland and Labrador. PAAFV promotes and protects the interests of women and children. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and restorative justice processes are increasingly being used in Canada because of dissatisfaction with the contemporary criminal justice system. While there are many positive aspects of these alternatives, those involved with women’s equality express caution. The caution has to do with the protection of women who have experienced violence and abuse. In this context, PAAFV’s project on ADR has involved the exploration of concerns, issues and interests regarding ADR and restorative justice with various groups: community based service providers; victim and offender advocacy groups; and government departments. This handbook is one outcome of the project. Intended for the use of policymakers and service providers who assist individuals in considering alternatives to court, it covers a number of key issues and factors: gender, equality, power, and social and economic indicators; the Canadian legal system; major influences on alternatives to the formal court system; and specific alternative programs in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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