Source: (2012) Journal of Law and Education. 41(2):281-235.

This Article explores the implementation, development, and impact of a school-based restorative justice program across the United States with a specific case study of North High School in Denver, Colorado. Part II details the impact of punitive discipline policies in schools as a framework for understanding the critical importance for schools to adopt alternative practices in addressing student behavior. Part III presents the practice of restorative justice in schools. Specifically, Part III provides a foundation for understanding the emergence of school-based restorative justice, the philosophy of restorative justice, and models of restorative justice in schools. Part III also discusses preliminary data collected from school-based restorative programs. Part IV contextualizes the school-based restorative justice practice in the Denver Public School District. This article concludes in Part V with reflections on the need for reform of punitive schools' discipline policies as integral to a fight for educational equity. (excerpt)