Source: (2003) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, p360.

In recent years, a number of deadly incidents in schools in, for example, the United States and Germany have dramatized issues of conflict and violence in school settings. With all of this in view, Tricia Jones and Randy Compton, editors of this book, offer resources in conflict resolution education for parents, educators, and policymakers looking for ways to help young people learn constructive responses to conflict, build positive relationships, and promote just societies. The book consists of two overarching parts with chapters on particular topics in each part. Part one, more theoretical, covers the need for and potential of conflict resolution education. Part two, more practical, deals with "what works" - that is, with success stories in conflict resolution education. In each part chapters are written by experts and practitioners in the field. Additionally, in part two, each chapter ends with personal reflections by participants in conflicts and conflict resolution processes. Appendices provide information on additional books, publications, websites, organizations, and programs of relevance to conflict resolution in school settings.