Source: (2007) In Robert Mackay, Marko Bosnjak, Johann Deklerck, Christa Pelikan, Bas van Stokkom, and Martin Wright, ed., Images of Restorative Justice Theory. Frankfurt, Germany: Verlag fur Polizeiwissenschaft. Pp. 112-128.

"I suggest that the concept of peacemaking allows us to develop such a framework. By peacemaking I do not mean to convey the meaning implied by the UN distinction between peacemaking and peacekeeping. Rather I mean to convey a sense of constituting peace as a condition of life, maintaining it and recovering it when it fails. I will argue that peacemaking is one of the fundamental aims that gives justification to law, and also represents the aim or telos of restorative justice. In this approach I am following a natural law tradition found in Flynn (1973), Finnis (1980) and MacIntyre (1985)." (abstract)