Source: (2003) Ottawa: Law Commission of Canada. Downloaded 13 January 2005.

There is a close connection between restorative justice in criminal law and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in civil law. They both attempt to institute a new awareness of the processes through which conflicts are identified and structured, and of what might be the optimal corrective results for conflicts. Over the last few years, the Law Commission of Canada has consulted Canadians on their perceptions of the justice system and on the possibility that the principles and practices of restorative justice might provide an effective response to criminal and civil law conflicts. The Commission’s discussion paper, From Restorative Justice to Transformative Justice, has been widely distributed. The Commission also produced an educational video entitled Communities and the Challenge of Conflict: Perspectives on Restorative Justice, which explores the role of the community in conflict resolution, and funded several complementary projects dealing with conflict resolution. The Commission will publish a report on the challenges of transformative and consensual justice in 2003-2004. (excerpt)

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