Source: (2008) Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law. 16(1):1-86.

True restorative justice in response to crime has characteristics of deliberative democracy that have the potential to make a modest, if not significant, contribution to human capital development and community capacity building. The story of these hopeful developments is the subject of this article but, just as the devil is often said to be in the details, close analysis of detail can be the source of things divine in the best of all possible worlds. The reader is, therefore, forewarned that there follows a highly condensed discussion of the relations among models of criminal justice, regulatory theory, deliberative democracy and human/social capital investment. But the ultimate message is simple: we have the social, economic, political, and indeed legal means to liberate people's creative and productive capacities in multiple ways and in curious places; hence, the reference in the title to the traditional black spiritual "Let My People Go." (excerpt)