When approached about participating in the Restorative Justice circle, I was apprehensive, wondering how I could share my most intimate thoughts and feelings and no one could know what I am going through.

On the first night we talked about the circle and why we were there.

As we started to hear each other’s stories I remember thinking, wow, I have those feelings and these people are hurting just like me, their stories are very similar to mine. I could see and feel hope from the others that I could continue my life.

It was not going to be an easy transition, but I would be able to move forward without forgetting my husband.

The night came that I would have to tell my story. As I started talking, I remember looking into the eyes of my facilitator, Keith, and the other members of the circle.

There was compassion and understanding that gave me a sense of calm. As I drove home I felt surprisingly good.

The tears that were still coming down my face were not out of sadness but a sense of relief — relief that I was not carrying this alone and there were people willing to share, listen and support me.

The staff and volunteers give of their time, experience and hearts.

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