Source: (2007) In Emmanuel Clapsis, ed., Violence and Christian Spirituality An Ecumenical Conversation. Geneva, Switzerland: World Council of Churches. Pp. 320-322.

"...This conference, with its rich presentation of papers, will hopefully be seen as a major resource for those seeking to understand the role of Christiantiy as an agent for peace and reconciliation in the world. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to listen to them. I am particularly grateful that they were in print and distributed almost immediately to the conference participants. Of course, the presentations - as it the nature of academic conferences - were mostly monologues, rather than true dialogues. Even though all the lectures were "delivered in print", they were still read to the participants, thus losing an opportunity for converstion. But since the papers are already available to us, I do not feel the need to offer a summary of the points raised in them. Rather, I have the chance to "connect the dots" between them. To do so, I have noted four terms and concepts that have run through our days together." (abstract)