Source: (2009) Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Rather than contending for privilege by wielding power and authority, we can witness prophetically out of our brokenness. The church has much to learn from an oft-overlooked community -- those with disabilities, who point us anew to the very heart of the gospel. In this volume, theologian Stanley Hauerwas collaborates with Jean Vanier, founder of the worldwide L'Arche communities. L'Arche provides a unique model of inclusive community that is underpinned by a deep spirituality and theology. Together Vanier and Hauerwas carefully explore the contours of a counter cultural community that embodies a different way of being and witnesses to a new order -- one marked by radical forms of gentleness, peacemaking and faithfulness. The authors' explorations shed light on what it means to be human and how we are to live. The toughness of Hauerwas and the gentleness of Vanier offer a constructive synergy that, if listened to carefully, will lead the church to a fresh practising of peace, love and friendship. This invigorating conversation is for all Christians who desire to live more faithfully in the midst of a broken world. (excerpt)