It was hell. Not just for the Hendersons, who lost their only child, but for the entire community. Sand Creek kids, devastated, responded by threatening Price. Security had to escort him around the school.

"I was forced to grow up because I had to deal with the courts and the fees and seeing how it affected my family and his," Price remembers.

Now 21, he says the experience is still very painful. He's found comfort in his faith, community service, outreach (giving presentations describing his experience to other teens), and a restorative justice conference.

Through the latter, Price got to sit down with his family, the Hendersons and a moderator. There, Price learned he had Terence's dad's forgiveness, though Terence's mom didn't feel the same way. Either way, Price says, it was productive.

"Restorative justice really helped me to see that what I was doing was affecting someone else besides myself," he says. "Terence was a son to somebody."

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