Source: (2003) In Tricia S. Jones and Randy Compton, eds., Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Pp. 173-187.

According to Rachel Poliner, an often expressed question from teachers is how to fit conflict resolution education (CRE) into their already established and prescribed curriculum. Another often voiced question has to do with when students will begin to use the skills they have been taught. In this context, Poliner comments that it is important for teachers to have options for CRE that minimize the addition of new programs while still deepening learning. Curriculum infusion is just such an option. The idea is to infuse CRE concepts into core curricula. In the ordinary course of teaching, teachers can identify and highlight natural links between CRE and the regular subjects being studied. To explain this in more detail, Poliner looks at layered learning, supporting infusion in the classroom environment, creating successful curriculum infusion, and examples of infusion.