Source: (2000) African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD). Paper presented at the 18th General Conference of IPRA, Tampere, Finland, 5-9 August 2000

Much is already being done in Peace Education to promote and model constructive mental attitudes. The relatively small group of enemy-minded, aggressive learners may need more attention, however. An empathetic understanding of these learners, with their mindset and the reasons behind it, can inspire peace educators to present Peace Education in a way that may appeal to them as well. Suggestions are therefore made with regard to attractive and explanatory names, justice-restoring and problem-solving approaches, unrestrained dialogic methods, and an open-minded exploring of mental attitudes. It may be worthwhile to develop all appropriate ways of communicating a non-pressurising but dynamic appeal about voluntary changes of attitude to adversarially minded learners and all others.

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