Source: (2000) Conflict Management in Higher Education Report. 1(1). Downloaded 2 March 2003.

As Warters, Sebok, and Goldblum note, conflict on university and college campuses comes in many forms, from the interpersonal all the way to the criminal. Often such conflict requires a response from university officials or others empowered to uphold community norms and rules. However, write the authors, practitioners of conflict resolution on campuses sometimes find the traditional systems of justice (e.g., grievance, disciplinary, criminal) cumbersome, ineffective, and even re-traumatizing for those involved. In this context, Warters, Sebok, and Goldblum explore the use of community group conferencing, based on restorative justice principles, as a more creative and more satisfying response to conflict on campuses. To illustrate, the authors describe the development and implementation of a formal restorative justice program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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