Source: (1996) VHS, 20 min., and discussion guide. St Paul: Insurance Federation of Minnesota.

“Marked by Fire” is a documentary aimed at 12-17 year-olds who need to understand the consequences of playing with fire. It tells the stories of fire victims: James, the ‘good kid’ who made a bad decision by inadvertently setting a fire and ruining his future; senior citizens whose lives were threatened and homes were damaged by an arson fire; Brent, who suffered massive burns in a garage fire of unknown origin; and Brent’s parents, Karen and Dwayne, who suffered along with their son as he underwent years of pain, surgery and grueling rehabilitation. Each of them speaks compellingly about the losses they suffered from fire, as victim, as family of a victim, and perpetrator. Their comments are supplemented with remarks from public safety officials who frequently witness the tragic effects of fire. (Distributor’s description)