Source: (1998) New Castle, PA : New Castle Youth Development Ctr.

Manual includes a case example to demonstrate the processes and the use of the forms and guidelines. The MCPS aims to ensure accountability on the part of the juvenile offender and the staff to the victim, the community, the Court, and the family. It also aims to ensure maximum participation by families, courts, victims, communities, clinical staff, and educational staff in the development of a competency-based continuum of services designed to return the youth to the community more capable of being a law-abiding and productive member. The third goal is to ensure standardization in documentation for all facilities. The MCPS maintains its focus on individual treatment as a primary intervention within the framework of balanced and restorative justice. Crucial competencies used in the individual intervention plan include vocational; education, knowledge, reasoning, and creativity; personal/social, conflict management, and communication skills; decision making, reasoning, and problem solving; citizenship; and health/recreation. Master case intervention plans will look less like individual treatment plans and more like a curriculum for participating constructively in society as the MCPS incorporates the balanced and restorative system model.