Source: (-0001) Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Community Justice Institute, Florida Atlantic University. Downloaded 12 August 2005.

In this project monograph we present a defensible foundation for developing a system of performance outcomes and measures for juvenile justice as part of a project led by a collaboration between the Community Justice Institute at Florida Atlantic University, the American Prosecutor’s Research Institute, and the National Center for Juvenile Justice. While measurement is not new to juvenile justice, too often data collected by juvenile justice agencies have been unrelated to outcomes, and have seldom allowed the public to assess performance in a meaningful way. Such data have not helped juvenile justice systems and organizations determine the impact and cost-effectiveness of their interventions. They have not provided input to juvenile justice professionals regarding public awareness and support for these efforts. They have seldom provided citizens and other government stakeholders with a sense of what it is juvenile justice systems and agencies are really accomplishing or trying to accomplish. (excerpt)

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